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Crafting your writing - The Newsletter

Why a good newsletter is crucial to help your business thrive:

1. Front page ​The front page is your shop window and must be attention-grabbing. With competition rife, it needs to stand out from the crowd with bold photos, snappy headlines and modern, up-to-date design. Your front page picture MUST be a human face – volunteer, staff members, patients or family members. It can be someone who has done something special - gone that extra mile. Human interest is always key.

You have seconds to hook your reader into that story so a punchy front page headline which tells the tale in a few simple words is imperative.

2. Create interesting headlines ​Most of your readers are going to skim read your newsletter and only browse the headlines. Most people are busy so why not spend a little extra time crafting better headlines. Why not try out four or five different headlines and see which one seems the most intriguing? Does your headline explain the story? Could it be shorter and punchier? Could it be more interesting? You’ve got seconds to hook your reader in, so don’t waste a word.

3. Include photos ​Everyone loves a good photo. Faces with expression, a story within the photo, something a little different. You’re more likely to get someone to read your copy if it’s accompanied by a good photo. If you can, put some time into finding new photos and ask readers to send in theirs. This is a way of engaging readers and makes them feel part of the hospice community. Seeing their photos published gives people a real thrill.

4. Reduce copy and make more space ​If the copy is too long and there’s no room for a photo – cut the copy. If the font size and line height has to be reduced to fit the story – cut the copy, First, by editing copy down, you’ll be chopping out the dross and filler, making your story a better read. Secondly, with less densely packed text you’ll make your page more attractive to your readers and give your images more room to breathe.

5. Don’t forget a donation form ​If you’re a charity that relies on individual donations, then don’t forget to include a donation form in the newsletter. You can have links to website donation forms and telephone numbers but some people still like to fill out a form in good old-fashioned print.

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