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Vaccinations done & dusted

Well that's my second Covid vaccination done and dusted and I have to admit to feeling mightily relieved.

I can't say I worried unduly about catching coronovirus but it was always there lurking in the back of my mind ready to pop out when I saw the latest death figures on the news.

But as I breathed a sigh of relief at getting the jab and at the slickness at which it was delivered, I remembered the plight of people in those countries unable to afford the vaccine.

This nasty virus has preyed on the world for over a year stealthly catching its victims unaware. No matter your so-called status, it picked people off at random.

But all is not equal in the world of vaccinations and viruses with poorer countries suffering the brunt.

So far, richer countries have been able to buy far more Covid jabs than poorer ones,. which has led to a call for any surplus vaccines to be shared with those in dire need.

The NHS and volunteers must be applauded for the swift system brought into place to administer the vaccine. Let's hope richer countries with a surplus act swiftly to share it so there is a universal sigh of relief. SC.

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